Friday, 3 June 2011

Hello Blog!

Wow.. I'm now a blogger!!

I wonder if it's a good or bad idea.. lol.. anywayy..

Well for now, this blog is really just gonna be a little retreat for me... I'll be posting stories and poems that I write...

That's about it for now!

Oh and you might be wondering why I named it Little Miss Sunshine? 

That's how some of my friends call me :) I don't really know the reason why, maybe coz I smile most of the time and cheer everyone up whenever they're down lol.. 

Well that's it for now.. my first official blog post! ;)  

Catch you soon.. be good!


  1. Welcome to the Mauritian blogging community. You can find other Mauritian bloggers on the Mauritian Blog List. :)

  2. Bloggers are born everyday, but very few actually succeed in growing up, surviving the tough challenge of posting regularly.

    Wish you best of luck,

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